Reverse Slice Sequence Online Training System

The Reverse Slice Sequence Training System is a 3-step program that has been proven to eliminate your slice in just 15 shots.

This training method was recently tested on 215 golfers, and 213 of them were able to fix their slice permanently.

This method has been shown to override up to 40 years of bad habits after just 15 golf swings.

Power Fusion Swing Sequence Online Training System

The Power Fusion Swing Sequence is a “tried and tested” swing learning system that fixes the 3 golf swing killers that are holding you back.

This swing will add distance to your drives and eliminate your slice or hook even if you are weak, injury ridden or over the age of 50.

But perhaps even more importantly, this swing sequence is proven to help you reduce stress on the back and joints by making the swing simple and repeatable.

Bob Kramer’s “Improve Your Move” Training Program

“Improve Your Move” begins with an assessment test that allows you to diagnose your deepest core swing flaw.

We dive deep into your specific swing flaw explaining what is going wrong, and the drills you need to implement to create immediate change in your swing pattern.

This course gives you the power to be your own coach by equipping you with 3 to 4 easy-to-implement swing fixes for ANY flaw you might have.

Bob Kramer’s “Putting Out Of Your Mind” Training Program

Let’s say you shoot 80 and average 30 putts a round. This means 38% of your shots are with your putter!

This video series is extremely visual and dissects why golfers struggle to ever become great putters.

You’ll learn dozens of drills, shortcuts, and tricks that will help you hole more putts.

The Swing Imprint Training System

There are 4 “Distance Factors” that will allow you to unlock an extra 10 – 30 yards, leading to a big breakthrough in your handicap.

The Swing Imprint Training System identifies your specific flaws in each of these 4 crucial areas, and corrects them using proprietary workstations with built-in feedback loops that accelerate the learning process.

This forces you to correct each flaw in a way that’s repeatable and sticks with you, so you can take your new skills to the course.

Matt Walter’s Ball Striking Improvement Series

Matt Walter comes to you from Nashville, Tennessee with some exclusive footage geared towards helping you understand the core fundamentals in your swing.

You’ll also discover your top swing flaws and Matt provides a clear and precise way on how to “feel” the right movement in your swing without being too mechanical.

The Ball Striking Improvement Series has been proven to instantly cure hooks and slices and help golfers compress the ball better and gain distance.

Bob Kramer’s “Short Game Mastery” Training Program

Let’s face it… It’s great to hit long drives, but ultimately we play this game to shoot lower scores.

In this video series you’re going to learn how to make perfect greenside contact on all your chips. This course will turn you into a green side magician and save you several shots a round.

Once you start to understand your flaws around the green and the proper fundamentals… These become some of the easiest shots to hit in golf.

Bob Kramer’s Breakthrough Improvement Series

There are 3 important factors that will allow you to make your next quantum leap in golf. I call these 3 factors my “secret golf weapons.”

This exclusive video series contains 3 of my most valuable training programs: “Improve Your Move,” “Short Game Mastery,” and “Putting Out Of Your Mind.”

Each of these training programs addresses one of these 3 factors that will lead to the biggest breakthrough in your handicap.

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