*“The first two days after trying the product I eliminated my slice and gained 30 yards. I’ve tried every type of golf product, and this is the only one I can endorse.”

Lonnie Jones, Age 51

*“I struggled for a couple years to get over a back injury and had lost a lot of yards with my driver. I’ve been able to add 25-30 yards.”

Michael Brunswick, Age 45

*“Hit a slice for 7 years and was able to start drawing the ball in minutes”

Michael Paesler, Age 70

*“After just a few simple tweaks I was hitting it about 30 yards longer on the drives after about 5-10 minutes.”

Jim Knight, Age 71

*“Was able to fix my lifelong slice in just a couple swings.”

HL Hackney, Age 72

*“Matt speaks a language anyone can understand. He’s helped me straight by drives and pick up at least 20 yards in distance.”

Kirby Baker, Age 71

*Results may vary from person to person.

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