The Swing Imprint Technique Golfers Are Using
To Add 22.3 Yards On Average

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The Swing Imprint Training System

How to quickly master all 4 "Distance Factors" in your
swing to add 20-30 yards to your drive

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Here’s how it works:

The Swing Imprint Technique identifies the specific flaws you have in all 4 “Distance Factors”. (These are the flaws that are causing you to lose distance!)

It does this by taking you through 12 instant feedback tests to assess your swing patterns in each area:

Your ball contact...

Your clubface control...

Your club speed...

And your attack angle...

The results of these tests will reveal your flaws instantly, so you’ll be crystal clear about each of your weak points that are robbing you of distance.

It’s like having your own special “flaw radar” that
scouts out, and locates each of your flaws...
Even the ones you never knew you had!

It’s like having your own special “flaw radar” that
scouts out, and locates each of your flaws...

Even the ones you never knew you had!

Then in step 2 of this technique, we chip away at each flaw, one-by-one…

We do this using a specific workstation to correct each weak point in your swing.

Based on the latest research in motor learning science, these workstations gently “force” you to swing the club in a way that imprints the correct habits into your swing…

The workstation allows you to simply feel the correct movement… Instead of trying to fix your weak points using mechanical swing thoughts.

Step-by-step, it drastically enhances your ball
contact, clubhead speed, and attack angle…

...Allowing you to smash the ball further than you ever thought you could.

You’ll feel like you’re swinging your golf club on rails.

And here’s the most important part:

Each of these workstations has a built-in feedback loop that simplifies the learning process by instantly showing you if you’re practicing correctly…

This means you’ll never have to worry about ingraining bad habits into your swing by practicing incorrectly…

And you won’t feel the pain and embarrassment of ending up like the 99% of golfers who get WORSE after years of poor practice.

These feedback loops force you to correct each flaw
in a way that’s repeatable and sticks with you... So you
can take your new skills to the course.

You’ll be using things like...

  • The Gate Feedback Loop that trains you to hit the ball dead center every time.
  • The Divot Line Feedback Loop that stops you from hitting behind the ball… so you can achieve maximum energy transfer, spin rate, and control.
  • The Towel Feedback Loop that prevents you from releasing the club too early… and allows you to make solid contact and compress the ball for more distance.
  • And over 19 additional “feedback loops” to maximize your distance!

You’ll also see...

  • How to use “Axis Tilt” to maximize your attack angle (This technique alone has been proven to help golfers gain 20 yards)
  • The Tee Feedback Loop that pinpoints exactly why you're losing lag... and effectively DOUBLES your lag after just 10 swings
  • Not very flexible? Use this "left leg trick" during your backswing to steal an extra 15 yards. This works especially well if you are over the age of 50.
  • The Butt-To-Thigh Feedback Loop that locks your backswing into the perfect plane, allowing you to develop into a rock solid ball striker.
  • Struggle with a certain miss round after round? Use the Swing Barrier Feedback Loop that makes it physically impossible for you to swing off plane.
  • And more...

When you start using this Swing Imprint Technique, you’ll quickly find that you’re able to hit that “sweet spot” on your clubface more often… striking the ball perfectly flush...

You’ll see your swing speed steadily increase… Even without swinging the club any harder than you are now...

And you’ll be able to dial in your attack angle to fully maximize distance with both your driver and your irons.


This video training contains high-quality HD training videos, including close-ups, slow-motion shots, and split-screens… All designed to create the perfect learning experience.

Students of mine fly into Bethlehem, PA from all over the country and pay $200 per hour (plus travel expenses) for lessons to learn this Swing Imprint Technique…

If you got a cheap flight, cheap hotel, and used a taxi to get around, I suppose you could get away with spending $350 on your travel expenses if you’re lucky.

So in total, you’d be looking at $550 minimum to come out here and learn this method.

But not only is there a waiting list to get these in-person lessons, I also realize that most people just aren’t willing to get on a plane or shell out over $500 bucks for top quality golf instruction.

I’m going to hand you everything you need to master all 4 Distance Factors, and add another 20-30 yards to your drive...

For a special one-time investment of just $47.

Click here to get started.

And it gets better, because...

You’re Covered By My 365-Day
“Play Better Golf Or It’s Free”
DOUBLE Your Money Back Guarantee!

This means you have a FULL YEAR to test-drive the Swing Imprint Training System...

Watch the training videos on your computer or mobile device...

Go through everything, then apply what you’ve learned from the videos, and I guarantee you’ll be hitting straighter and farther than ever before… and breaking whatever scoring barrier you’re up against.

If you’re not completely happy with the distance you’ve gained…

With the laser beam accuracy you’ve developed…

And with how much more fun you’re having playing the game of golf…

Then I’ll give you DOUBLE your money back, just for wasting your time.

All you have to do is send me an email any time within the next YEAR to,

Our trained customer support staff responds to emails within 4 hours on weekdays, and they’ll send you a payment for twice the amount you paid for the program!

Your coach,

Eric Cogorno


You’ll Also Get My Brand New “Skill Code Training”
Absolutely FREE!

This additional video training course shows you advanced ways to control your ball flight.

You’ll see:

  • How to hit draws and fades on command… and even control the degree of the curve! (Imagine the look on your golf buddy’s face when you start calling shots on command.)
  • Have you ever been in the middle of a round and found yourself blocking all your shots way to the right, or pulling them all to the left? Use my Start Line Control technique to correct these problems on the fly so you can start hitting more greens in regulation…
  • You’ll also see the Knock Down Follow Through shot that forces you to strike the ball flush and maximize your control whenever a certain shot doesn't fit your eye... This “go-to shot” can turn your poor iron days into some of your best ball striking rounds.
  • And MORE...

I’m Also Giving You A 14-Day FREE Pass To
The Exclusive “Scratch Club!”

Scratch club is an “All-Access Pass” to the most advanced insider tools and training from myself, and the coaches at Performance Golf Zone.

You’ll have access to things like...

The Quick Fix Vault, which gives you over 70 additional videos that provide in-depth training on ball striking, maximizing lag, short game, putting, recovery shots, and more...

With these videos, you’ll be able to fix any flaw that’s currently killing any part of your game.

On top of that, every week you’ll receive 5 new videos with the most recent techniques that are helping our in-person students get the fastest results.

You’re also getting access to the PGA Tour Level Performance Training Academy.

This online training portal gives you performance-based drills to improve your chipping, proximity to the hole, lag putting, driving accuracy and much more.

These drills are designed reduce your handicap by 4-5 shots this year.

And you’ll even be able to track your results so you can watch yourself improve over time.

In addition as a Scratch Club member, you’ll also have access to our Golf Pro Swing Analysis Tool where you can upload your golf swing with a single click, and compare your current swing with your past swings so you can track your improvement over time.

Use the built-in Line Drawing tools to mark up your video, so you can see where you’re making mistakes and what you need to do to fix them.

You can even compare your swing in slow motion to any pro on the PGA and Champions Tour.

With access to all of these advanced training videos and tools inside the Scratch Club, you’ll see your game constantly improving and you’ll never find yourself in a frustrating and embarrassing rut.

You’re getting...

Everything you need to master all 4
Distance Factors, and add 20-30 yards to
your drive...


Your Satisfaction Is 100% Guaranteed Or Get Double Your Money Back

The Swing Imprint Training System is an online course. After your payment you will receive
your username and password to gain immediate access.

With this training you’ll no longer be hitting those embarrassing duff shots...

You’ll be making solid contact with the ball and hitting past your buddies more often...

You'll be hitting more greens in regulation...

And you’ll be able to place shots with more accuracy, as your confidence grows with every shot you take.

Go ahead and put it to the test… and if you aren’t thrilled with this training for any reason, simply send an email to for a 200% refund.

Get access now to make your distance breakthrough, and accelerate your improvement even faster… and I’ll see you in the members area in just a few seconds!


The Swing Imprint Technique

Published on January 12, 2019
Presented By: Eric Cogorno

This video explains the 4 key “Distance Factors” that will add massive distance to your drives… And how golfers are using a new concept called the Swing Imprint Technique to quickly master all 4 of these crucial “Distance Factors” in their swing.

A recent study on 200 golfers showed an average gain of 22.3 yards using this method.

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