How The “Reverse Slice Sequence” Rewires
Your Brain And Destroys Your Slice
Permanently After Just 15 Shots

In a recent study on golfers, this method had a staggering 99.07% success rate for turning a slice into a draw…

RESULTS: 213 of the 215 golfers who participated in this study were able to fix their slice quickly and permanently.

And now YOU can exploit this new brain hack for yourself to unlock your perfect, on-plane swing, making solid contact with a square clubface…

Allowing you to finally destroy your nasty slice, gain 20+ yards of distance off the tee, and see fast improvements in your score.

…No matter what your age or physical condition.

Even if you’re as stiff as a steel pipe, and you’ve been hitting slices your entire life.

So what is it?

This is a scientific training method that PGA Tour level golf psychologists are using to rewire your subconscious on a cellular and permanent level…

Re-training your mind, muscles, and nervous system to execute the perfect swing pattern for hitting draws on a consistent basis.

And it’s surprisingly simple.

In fact…

complex swing thoughts

Unlike other methods that attempt to fix your slice, this doesn’t rely on mechanical swing thoughts.

Instead, this 3-step sequence rewires your brain to swing the club in a way that makes slicing the ball virtually impossible.

Once you start using this Reverse Slice Sequence, not only will it force you to hit the ball straight as an arrow, but you’ll also find that your swing feels easy and natural.

But before I explain exactly how it works so well, you need to understand…

How your “golf brain” REALLY works…

You may have heard that your brain is divided into two distinct sides which both serve a different purpose:

Your Left Brain is analytical, and logical.

Your Right Brain is more intuitive, and subjective.

But what you might not realize is that your Left Brain is clumsy and un-athletic.

While your Right Brain is where you create and develop your athletic abilities…

Including your golf swing!

The most successful athletes in any sport have the ability to tap into their Right Brain… Which allows them to perform the precise actions they need…

Without even thinking about it.

Why 90% of golf instruction FAILS you

90% of golf tips are based on Left Brain tactics… And most players are using these tactics to try and fix their slice…

This is why the generic advice that’s being passed around for fixing your slice ends up failing so miserably.

These outdated methods rely on your Left Brain to make split-second logical decisions and adjustments, before AND during your swing.

This creates an awkward, un-natural, and unpredictable swing, that has you dishing out more slices than a pizza shop.

In fact, golfers who attempt to fix their slice by using their Left Brain actually get worse over time…

Because they’ve got multiple swing thoughts in their head and they’re attempting to make logical adjustments during the swing.

When it’s all said and done, you can’t logically “think” your way to a better golf swing by relying on your Left Brain.

How does the Reverse Slice Sequence
cure your slice?

It works by using Right-Brain training methods to fix the 3 core parts of your swing that are responsible for your slice.

It automatically corrects:

Your setup

Your open club face

Coming over the top

The Reverse Slice Sequence takes you through each of these steps in a way that connects with your athletic Right Brain so that within just 15 shots, your brain, muscles, and nervous system are all working together…

Instantly training your mind and body to naturally and effortlessly come into your downswing on plane, with your clubface square…

To produce powerful, straight shots down the fairway…

And do it consistently.

Here’s what happened when this Reverse Slice Sequence was put to the test:

What are golfers saying about the
Reverse Slice Sequence?


After 7 years of hitting a slice…
Now it’s GONE!

Brian’s slice has been


“Increased my power at least
30 yards on all my clubs…”

“After 10 minutes I’ve taken my
slice and turned it into a draw…”

After slicing the ball for 35 years,
Jerry was able to start hitting
draws in less than 5 minutes…

“I was able to eliminate my slice…
I’m now hitting a baby draw… Nice
and straight…”

Learning the Reverse Slice Sequence
is simple and easy…

Until recently, the only way you could learn this Reverse Slice Sequence was by flying to Bethlehem, PA and taking an in-person lesson with the creator, Eric Cogorno.

However, Eric is usually booked months in advance, depending on the season…

So he came up with a way for you to learn this Reverse Slice Sequence right now, at home…

Without risking a single dime.

Let me introduce to you to…

The Reverse Slice Sequence
Training System

The 3-step sequence for re-programming your
subconscious to execute the perfect swing pattern,
permanently turning your slice into a tight draw.

As Seen On:

I’ve taken a professional film crew out on the course with me to capture all the details of the Reverse Slice Sequence in stunning HD quality video…

…Showing you how to start hitting your shots on plane, with a square clubface within just 15 shots.

…In a way that’s natural and repeatable so that you can finally feel confident every time you step up to the tee box.

Because with your Reverse Slice Sequence, you now have control over your ball flight.

You’re getting lifetime access to these videos, and you can start watching them right now (or any time you like) from any computer, laptop, or mobile device.

You’ll see different angles, close-ups, slow motion shots, and more to give you the ultimate learning experience.

Inside you’ll see the complete 3-step sequence for fixing your slice:

1The Slicer’s Instant Feedback Loop

We’ll start off with Step 1 of the Reverse Slice Sequence which I like to call, “The Slicer’s Instant Feedback Loop.”

Here you’ll learn the 2 simple checkpoints to look at before you swing, that will tell you if you’re going to slice the ball.

This “feedback loop” alone will get your ball flying straighter, instantly…

2Neuro Muscular Interruption Method

In Step 2 of the Reverse Slice Sequence, we address the biggest issue for your slice:

Your open club face.

We do this by using what’s called the “Neuro Muscular Interruption Method” that naturally brings your club face square every time you swing.

As a slicer, your habits are so deeply engrained in you, that we need to override these habits by interrupting them with a “shock” to your Right Brain.

Don’t worry, you’re not actually gonna get zapped.

This process actually feels GOOD… Especially when you see the immediate change in your ball flight.

In fact, this method is so effective, that when used properly… it will actually over-correct your open club face, getting you to hit a 5-yard draw on average.

And this is right where we want you to be.

Because of the fact that you’ll stop seeing your ball go to the right, it begins to automatically re-train your Right Brain so that you no longer get the feeling that you have to “swing so it doesn’t go right.”

3Invisible Rail Technique

From here, we move into Step 3 of the Reverse Slice Sequence…

It’s called the Invisible Rail Technique, which uses a simple golf tee to dial in your swing path so that that you never come over the top again.

Like each step, this Right Brain technique doesn’t require any swing thoughts, or complicated movements… and continues to re-wire your subconscious to nail the correct swing path automatically.

When you implement this simple 3-step training process for your golf swing, you’ll start seeing a baby draw in 15 shots or less.

You’ll also see…

  • The 3 main reasons you’re hitting a slice, and an easy self-assessment technique that you can use to identify the exact flaw that’s causing YOUR slice, so that we can attack the root cause of the problem.
  • My “V-Cone Drill” that gives you instant feedback if you’re over-the-top, and forces your club to fall into the slot.
  • A simple “elbow trick” that activates your Right Brain, so your swing feels natural and effortless.
  • Does YOUR slice start to the right or left of the target? You’ll see specific training drills to handle each scenario.
  • A thumb error that prevents slicers from ever hitting a draw. And the quick fix that you can take straight to the course to see instant results.
  • The “Invisible Knuckle Rule” that tells you if you’re going to hit a slice… before you even swing.
  • The “Glove Tee Trick” that prevents you from feeling that your ball is always going to squirt and fade to the right.
  • A handful of never-before-seen “brain hacks” that allow you to load your club with more raw power and get it into the slot.
  • And MORE…

Now, I could just give you this Reverse Slice Sequence to correct your slice and send you on your way with a tight draw and newfound confidence in your swing…

But as a new student of mine, I want to make sure you’ve got all the tools you need to play the best golf of your life.

That’s why I’m also giving you…

2 additional bonuses
when you get started today:

Free Bonus #1Behind-The-Scenes Reverse Slice
Sequence Training Sessions

$150 value

In these “Behind-The-Scenes Reverse Slice Sequence Training Sessions”… Not only are you getting the full breakdown of the Reverse Slice Sequence, so you can use it for yourself…

But now you’ll also see how I train 3 different students in person, implementing the Reverse Slice Sequence to transform their inconsistent strikes and hard slices to tight, consistent draws.

After watching these behind-the-scenes bonus videos, you’ll have true mastery over your swing.

Free Bonus #214-Day Free Pass To The “Scratch Club”

Scratch Club is an “All-Access Pass” to the most advanced insider tools and training from Eric Cogorno, and the coaches at Performance Golf Zone.

Your Scratch Club membership is designed to move you closer to playing scratch golf by giving you a proven plan to:

  • Average less than 30 putts per round
  • Get up and down in 2 shots 50% of the time or more
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And more…

With access to all of the training videos and tools inside the Scratch Club, you can be sure that your game will consistently improve so that you’ll never find yourself in a frustrating and embarrassing rut.

Take a full 14 days to decide how much you like it. If you love it, then do nothing and I’ll keep you on as a charter member for the discount price of just $19/month, which will bill automatically. You can cancel any time by emailing

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I know once you see the power of having this type of advanced golf training at your fingertips, you won’t want to play golf without it…

That’s why I’m giving you this free 14-day pass to experience it for yourself!

What’s It Worth To Fix Your Slice

Well, students fly in to Bethlehem, PA from all over the country and pay $200 per hour (plus travel expenses) for lessons to learn this Reverse Slice Sequence…

If you got a cheap flight, cheap hotel, and used a taxi to get around, I suppose you could get away with spending $350 on your travel expenses if you’re lucky.

So in total, you’d be looking at $550 minimum to come out here and learn this method.

Not only is there a waiting list to get these in-person lessons, I also realize that most people just aren’t willing to get on a plane or shell out over $500 bucks for top quality golf instruction.

So I’ve decided to make this Reverse Slice Sequence Training System available to you right now for…


Not $550 like you’d pay for in-person lessons…


Not $400 like my clients have suggested I charge for this training…


I could easily charge $200 and I’m sure you’d agree it would be worth every penny considering that’s what clients pay per hour for in-person lessons…


Or even as little as $100, which I’m sure you spend on a round of golf anyway and don’t think twice about it…

But I want to make this a complete no-brainer for you, and hand you…

Everything you need to correct your slice… start hitting draws… and improve your overall ball striking right now… For just $47


Your Satisfaction Is 100% Guaranteed Or Get Double Your Money Back

The Reverse Slice Sequence Training System is an online course. After your payment you will receive your username and password to gain immediate access.

Works on all desktop and mobile devices.

You’re Covered By My 365-Day
“Play Better Golf Or It’s Free”
DOUBLE Your Money Back Guarantee!

Go ahead and test-drive the Reverse Slice Sequence Training System for a full year… Watch the videos on your computer or mobile device.

Go through everything, then apply what you’ve learned from the videos, and I guarantee you’ll be hitting straighter and farther than ever before… and breaking whatever scoring barrier you’re up against.

If for any reason you’re not completely thrilled with the beautiful, tight draws you’re hitting…

And with the laser beam accuracy you’ve developed…

And with how much more fun you’re having playing the game of golf…

Then I’ll give you your money back, no questions asked. All you have to do is send us an email any time within the next YEAR to

And heck, if you want to send me a video of your slice, I’ll even give you DOUBLE your money back just for wasting your time!

Our trained customer support staff responds to emails within 4 hours on weekdays, and they’ll quickly send you a payment for twice the amount you paid for the program!

That’s how confident I am that this program will eradicate your slice, and have you hitting longer drives, with more accuracy and consistency than you’ve ever experienced before.

Your coach,

Eric Cogorno

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It’s like carrying around your own personal coach with you in your pocket!

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The Way I See It, You’ve Got 3 Options…

Option #1: Do nothing.

Keep going the way you are now. Keep driving yourself crazy with your slice, and getting frustrated every time you see your ball spray to the right. Not truly understanding how to correct it.

Risk doing irreparable damage to your back, elbows, shoulders, and knees from using improper swing mechanics.

And never experience that unshakable confidence as you step into the tee box, knowing you’ve got the ability to place your shot exactly where you want.

Option #2: Try to figure it all out yourself

Grab all the Golf Digest magazines you can get your hands on, and read all the articles… Scour blog posts on the Internet and watch all the YouTube videos you can… Spend thousands of dollars on in-person lessons from amateur instructors…

And after countless grueling hours of research, and countless dollars spent, end up even more confused than when you started… because you’ve just gathered a bunch of conflicting advice and you don’t even know where to begin.

Attempt to piece together what ends up being a “Frankenstein Swing” from all the bits and pieces of advice, and tips you’ve gathered.

But inevitably it doesn’t work.

It hasn’t worked up until this point… why would it work now?

Option #3: Grab the Reverse Slice Sequence
Training System today…

Watch the videos. Head over to your local driving range and get yourself a big bucket of balls. Take just 15 shots, applying what you’ve learned from the videos, and watch what happens.

See how long it takes before that smile finally comes off your face when you see your ball flight improving with every swing… hitting the ball straighter and further than you ever have before.

Things are finally making sense.

You’re making solid contact with the ball, and your club face is square.

You notice that you’re not coming over the top anymore, and you’re hitting draws on a consistent basis.

You’re able to place shots with more accuracy, and your confidence grows with every shot you take.

You chuckle to yourself as you realize that you’ve been making things difficult for yourself this entire time…

You finally realize the things that have been holding you back all these years.

But now all of the uncertainty is gone.

You have a clear, and reliable swing sequence to follow that just plain works.

Now, when you hit the links with your golf buddies, and you step up to the first tee box, and everyone is watching…

A wave of relaxation and confidence washes over you, because you know exactly what you’re doing.

You wind up and hit the longest, truest drive of your life, dead center down the fairway.

Your buddies look at you with dropped jaws.

There’s no need to go a lifetime of hitting a slice.

There’s no need to guess… by trying to figure it all out yourself through years of trial-and-error.

I’ve already done all the hard work for you.

And there’s no reason to put yourself at risk of wasting years of your life (that you’ll never get back) by spinning your wheels, making the same mistakes, and getting the same score you’ve been getting… round after round.

Instead… You can simply grab your Reverse Slice Sequence Training System today

Which has a 99.07% success rate…

And let it turn your slice into a draw, slashing strokes off your score immediately.

Ready to start using a clear, and reliable swing sequence that cures your slice?


Answers To Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! The Reverse Slice Sequence takes into account proper biomechanics and is built around the understanding of some of the leading stressors that plague amateurs. The Reverse Slice Sequence will also help you keep your club face more square, using a safer, simplified motion, which means your body can rotate less – This means less wasted movement, and less club manipulation is needed to complete the swing. Most amateur golfers overswing, which strains your back and shoulders. The Reverse Slice Sequence is built around a controlled swing that is just short of parallel. Lastly, the Reverse Slice Sequence is designed to help you create optimal centrifugal force at exactly the right point of impact, which prevents stress on the elbows and joints. This is achieved by using your hands and arms properly, allowing the club shaft to do the work which produces a motion requiring much less output. This is one of the major reasons you don’t need a lot of strength to drive the ball as far.
The Reverse Slice Sequence Training System is a one-time payment of just $47.
It WILL work for you. But if you’re not happy for any reason, you can simply email for a full refund of every penny, no questions asked. So you risk nothing!
You’re covered by my rock-solid 365-day “Play Better Golf Or It’s Free” money-back guarantee. That means you can test-drive the Reverse Slice Sequence Training System for a full year… And if for any reason you’re not completely thrilled with the distance you’ve gained… the laser beam accuracy you’ve developed… and with how much more fun you’re having playing the game of golf… then simply send an email to and I’ll give you a full and prompt refund of every penny. No questions… No hassles… and no hard feelings. Scratch Club is free for the first 14 days, then you will be billed a non-refundable membership fee of just $19/month.

Real People, Real Results! Why Not YOU?

“I struggled for a couple years to get over a back injury and had lost a lot of yards with my driver. With Eric’s teachings I’ve been able to add 25-30 yards. The main thing is that I’m making much better contact.”

Al Slwinski, Age 69

“I’ve tried 50 different instructors the past decade. FINALLY I can say I found a swing solution that is actually repeatable versus previous instruction that works for a few days then the results go away.”

Patrick Miller, Age 58

“I’ve been struggling to hit my irons solid for years. After a few minutes of instruction from Eric, I was able to start hitting high flush iron shots. The game has become fun again!”

Daniel Mantey, Age 55

“After using the program in only one summer I was able to eliminate my slice, gain 20+ yards and knocked 12-15 shots of my score. I’m now shooting in the low 80s and am enjoying the game more then ever.”

David Zangrilli, Age 28

“Very clear and easy to follow. I found that you pointed out several elements of the swing that I was unaware I was not doing correctly. Very quickly after incorporating your instructions, I saw positive results. Very glad that I spotted your program on Facebook and that I made the purchase.”

Tom Miller, Age 47

“Eric’s Reverse Slice Sequence is very easy to understand and almost instantly helped me turn my slice into a small baby draw.”

Scott Sannes, Age 49

Ready to use the Reverse Slice Sequence to fix your slice and start playing
the best golf of your life… even if you’re over the age of 50?