What’s Included in Matt Walter’s
Ball Striking Improvement Series?

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Your Golf Questions Answered:

Thank you for using our free online swing intelligence tool. After going through our tool, I showed you a short video about how Matt helped me improve my swing — even after a 195lb steel bar broke my arm in 3 places.

I also introduced you to Matt Walter’s Ball Striking Improvement Series, a 5-module online golf training program with over 32 tutorial videos.

Since you might’ve missed your chance to hear about Matt’s program, I made this page to share how you can try Matt Walter’s Ball Striking Improvement Series without any risk.

About Matt’s Program:

Matt Walter’s Ball Striking Improvement Series is an online golf training program hosted privately on our Performance Golf Zone website. After purchasing the program, we’ll send you a personal username and password to access the private online area using any device with internet access.

The online training works kinda like Netflix. Whether you want to watch the videos at home on your desktop computer, or even out on the golf course from your phone, all 32 step-by-step tutorial videos in the program are readily available at your convenience.

Each video was shot in the highest quality. You’ll get to watch the specific details of Matt’s golf swing instructions with crystal-clear HD clarity, so it’s easy for you to understand and fix whatever golf issue you’re struggling with.

Matt Walter’s Ball Striking Improvement Series is broken down into the 5 following modules:

Module 1: Core Fundamentals

Module 1 is like a playbook of posture and grip secrets for infusing your swing with lag. Many people don’t realize how just a few simple posture and grip tweaks have the potential to unleash a huge source of hidden power!

Some of the training in this module includes:

  • 1 posture adjustment that consistently adds more distance to drives (office workers or anyone who sit for more than 2 hours day love this)
  • An “eye glance” technique that DOUBLES the amount of fairways hit per round
  • The trick for unlocking power from your core muscles, so you can gain proper leverage during every swing (even if you’re out of shape)
  • Matt’s “body half coil” technique for adding distance and accuracy
  • How to create a “feedback loop” that helps you never second guess your swing again
  • And much more…

Module 2: Mastering The Backswing

Module 2 is all about mastering your backswing. What’s unique about this module is the 5 workstations Matt sets up and demonstrates for developing a tour-like grooved backswing.

This module also includes:

  • Matt’s swing imprint feeling technique to fix your take-away (Swing too steep or too flat? This will help)
  • How to NOT get stuck during the downswing by correcting a small body error in the backswing that 80% of golfers make
  • Quick drills you can do in your office, or at home, that lead to adding more power once you’re on the green
  • How to ALWAYS stay connected from head to toe with your swing
  • And much more…

Module 3: Transitioning/Lag Generating Techniques

As I’m sure you know, golf is a counterintuitive game. A lot of what you’ve been told about creating lag makes sense in theory, but doesn’t get you results on the green.

This module is all about “mind tricks” and somewhat-strange adjustments to your swing that create lag so explosive, your buddies will be shaking their heads at your newfound power!

In this module you’ll learn:

  • The right/wrong way to transition your swing using split-screen comparison videos that show EXACTLY what the problem (and the solution) is
  • A makeshift training aid using gear you already own that helps you stop overextending your swing
  • A rope pull down and wall drill for developing lag-generating patterns in your body movements
  • And much more…

Module 4: Eliminating Hooks And Slices

Hooking or slicing problems? We got both covered.

While the problems are similar, the solutions differ. Whatever your problem is, don’t worry. Matt’s many years of experience helping golfers with hundreds of different hooking and slicing issues will help you, too.

In this module, Matt will show you:

  • How to know if you’ll slice — BEFORE you swing!
  • A swing test you can use to help you release the club properly
  • The 1-inch shoulder/hip adjustment that has a good chance of eliminating slicing forever
  • 2 critical adjustments to make to get rid of that dreaded slinging hook
  • The hook-proof swing non-athletes learn that allow them to compete with the pros

Module 5: How To Gain 20+ Yards Per Swing

Finally, what every golfer wants: adding more distance to every swing!

In this module, Matt’s no-fluff training gets right to it.

If you want to gain more distance to your swing, this training will help you.

You’ll learn:

  • How to add MILES of power to your club speed (no matter your age or physical shape) using a drill that stabilizes and strengthens your muscles during movement
  • What golfers who hit the longest drives in the world do with their hands to unlock more power drive after drive
  • Centeredness of contact drills that add AT LEAST a 10% increase of yardage to your swing
  • How to find the right timing for your swing, so you don’t swing too fast (or too slow) and lose power or control upon impact
  • And much more…

Now that you know more about the modules, you might be ready to make your decision about purchasing. If you want access now for $27, click the button below to purchase Matt Walter’s Ball Striking Improvement Series!

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Add To Cart For One Payment Of Just $27 »

You’ll be able to review your order before purchasing and your $27 is backed by a 100% money-back guarantee for an entire year.

If you’re still undecided, here are more answers to the most-common questions about Matt’s program…

“Is the program guaranteed?”

YES! If at any time during the next YEAR you feel like Matt Walter’s Ball Striking Improvement Series is NOT helping you, let us know by emailing [email protected] and you’ll get your $27 back.

“Are there any bonuses included?”

YES! When you purchase Matt Walter’s Ball Striking Improvement Series today, you’ll get instant online access to the following 3 bonuses for free:

  • Bonus #1: A how-to training video series on creating a better connection upon contact, so you hit your irons with compression.
  • Bonus #2: Over-the-shoulder training of Matt instructing one of the 15 random golfers we invited to get his help. In this video, you can watch how Matt assists a struggling golfer with fixing his stubborn slicing issue in just 7 minutes!
  • Bonus #3: A 14-day trial to our “Quick Fix Vault” library with videos from Matt on fixing more than 100 specific golf issues. Dozens of videos are added every month and you’ll get to test drive this area for 14 days for free!

“Can I trust your checkout process?”

Absolutely and here’s why: We use an SSL encrypted checkout process that does NOT store any private information.

In addition, because you’re purchasing using a credit card, you have the security of handling a transaction through a major company. We have a reputation to keep.

We’re in the business of helping golfers and we plan to stay in business for a very long time. Doing anything unethical would damage our credibility and hurt us in the long run.

“Why isn’t Matt Walter’s Ball Striking Improvement Course free?”

The answer is that it would be a disservice to us both to offer this free.

If we made it free, golfers would be less likely to actually go through the videos. By charging $27, we know golfers are way more likely to go through the videos and get the help they’ve been looking for.

It’s a win-win scenario this way. $27 isn’t much if you think about it. Since we offer a 1-year guarantee, Matt Walter’s Ball Striking Improvement Course comes out to about 7 cents a day.

Many golfers are willing to pay hundreds to thousands of dollars in one day to improve their golf game. With Matt Walter’s Ball Striking Improvement Course, you can get the next best thing to personal, 1-on-1, coaching for just $27.


We hope this page helped you out, but if you have more questions about Matt Walter’s Ball Striking Improvement Course, shoot me an email at support@performancegolfzone.com.

Otherwise, click the button below to complete the checkout process, so you can start your training with Matt Walter!

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Add To Cart For One Payment Of Just $27 »

You’ll be able to review your order before purchasing and your $27 is backed by a 100% money-back guarantee for an entire year.


Brixton Albert
President Performance Golf Zone