Golfers Now Legally Stealing
Secret “Distance Code” From PGA Tour Players
…And Gaining 27 Yards On Average

Presented by: Eric Cogorno

Presented by: Eric Cogorno

Eric Cogorno is a PGA teaching pro who has given over 20,000 golf lessons over the past 11 years. Eric has recently been featured in Forbes for his unique approach to golf instruction. Today he shares the “Distance Code” that PGA Tour pros are using right now to hit the ball further and straighter… And how amateur golfers are now using this same technique to gain an average of 27 yards on their drives.


The Distance Code

4.9 (319 reviews)

What you’re about to see will likely shock you in both its simplicity and its power.

Up until this point, I’ve only ever seen this being used by the pros. And I don’t see this being available to mainstream amateurs for another 5 or 6 years.

Because this “Distance Code” is the complete OPPOSITE of what mainstream golf instruction tells you about how to hit longer drives.

In fact, once you know it you’ll immediately see why 95% of golfers are actually sabotaging their own success by following some of the advice they find on YouTube, online articles, and magazines.

In this video, you’ll learn what this “Distance Code” is… how the pros are using it… and how to exploit it for yourself to add 20-30 yards to your drive… after just 30 practice balls.

Click the “Play” button on the video at the top of this page to begin watching.

The Distance Code

How To Use The Right-Brain Transfer Technique To Unlock 20-30 Extra Yards On Your Drive In Just 30 Practice Balls

4.9 (319 reviews)

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In just 30 practice balls, this training “codes” your Right Brain to perform the perfect swing pattern, without even thinking about it.

You’ll be able to instinctively “FEEL” the perfect shot.

So you can relax as you step up to the tee… And swing with confidence, knowing that your instincts are taking over to maximize your distance.

The Distance Code is completely different from typical, generic golf training, because it completely bypasses your Left Brain and slips smoothly into your Right Brain for near-instant results.

You’re getting instant online access to 30 HD-quality training videos… each of them jam packed with Right-Brain training techniques for longer, straighter drives… And rapid improvements to your overall game.

This is your chance to use these same
Right-Brain training techniques that the most
successful PGA Pros are using right now

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I suggest you start with the first 3 videos to dial in your angle of attack… start making solid contact… and increase your clubhead speed.

This will give you the quickest boost in distance, so you can start hitting longer, more accurate drives the very next time you play a round.

Then, dive into the other 27 bonus videos to improve your entire game using Right-Brain training techniques.

365-Day “Gain 20 Yards Or It’s Free”
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When you grab The Distance Code today, you’re covered by my 365-Day “Gain 20 Yards Or It’s Free” 100% Money Back Guarantee.

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That’s a full 365-days to see for yourself… at your leisure… that this training is everything it’s cracked up to be.

So go ahead… try it out… and watch what happens next time you step up to the tee and swing your club.

Watch as your ball flys an extra 20 yards… 30 yards… or more.

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15-Ball Slice Fix

As a special bonus, I’m also including my 15-Ball Slice Fix.

This bonus training video shows you how to correct a slice in just 15 practice balls at the range.

And of course, it uses the same “Right-Brain Transfer” principles we’ve been talking about.


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Since the game of golf isn’t just about hitting drives…

I want to make sure you see faster improvements in ALL areas of your game.

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James Sieckmann, the #1 ranked short game coach in the world.

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A Golf Digest Top 50 Teacher…

And GOLF Magazine calls him “The short game guru to the pros.”

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When your mental game gets coached up, your scores can’t help but go down.

Then there’s your chipping instructor Brian Mogg.

Not only has Brian been a Golf Digest Top 50 Teacher 10 years in a row…

He’s the legend who coached YE Yang to victory when he defeated Tiger Woods in the 2009 PGA Championship!

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The Distance Code

How To Use The Right-Brain Transfer Technique To Unlock 20-30 Extra Yards On Your Drive In Just 30 Practice Balls

4.9 (319 reviews)

Regular Price: $97.00

Today: $47

You Save: $50 (48% OFF)

  • The Distance Code Training Videos
  • ​​15-Shot Slice Fix (FREE)
  • Scratch Club (FREE for 14 days, then $19/mo. Cancel anytime.)
  • ​365-Day Money-Back Guarantee